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In order to provide you with high quality and efficient information service, and constantly improve our service quality, we solemnly make the following commitments, please you to our service and work to be supervised.
1, service objectives
Customer satisfaction, so that customers feel assured, wholeheartedly for customer service, continuous improvement, and constantly improve service quality
2, service attitude
First question accountability: the first person to receive information must ensure that the solution is given;
The receiving personnel shall use civilized language and standard wording to properly handle customer inquiries;
Be nice and don't argue with customers.
3, service time
Network service: company website running time is 7X24, uninterrupted operation throughout the year
Service attendance time:
National statutory working day: legal working hours, all day service
Weekends and festivals & Holidays: All Star customers enjoy the business manager or service specialist's point to point service
4, service acceptance and resolution
Phone > 2 hours reply
Email > 1 business days
Customer response rate 100%
5, technical support accepted and resolved
Use common sense questions < 30 minutes
Simple question < 1 working days
Complex problem < 3-5 working days
Problems that cannot be solved for a variety of reasons must be explained and explained to the user.
6, confidentiality commitments
We respect the user's right to privacy, to provide you with the project information, we will strictly confidential, unless confidentiality provisions or regulations permit regulations mandate, we will not disclose, nor be used for other purposes such as business competition, profit.